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Pre Designed Homes

Our Range of Next Wave Pre-Design Homes offers innovative luxury new homes, pre-designed by our in-house design studio, combining performance and style into a well proportioned series of home designs. 

Leading Architects in Geelong

At Next Wave Homes, we are known for our innovative designs that step away from the ordinary and break boundaries. Our architects in Geelong create functional designs that will stand out from all the homes in your neighbourhood.

There’s something inexplicably beautiful about an architect-designed home. We believe your home should be a true reflection of your lifestyle, taste and personality. 

We specialise in designing and building luxurious homes that stand testimony to your individual dreams and aspirations.

Having built hundreds of homes across Geelong and Victoria, we understand what it takes to design a home that’s valued way more than its price tag. We bank on our extensive experience and timeless architecture principles to design a unique home for you and your family.

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Luxury Home Builders in Geelong

We are not just architects; we are also leading luxury home builders in Geelong. Not only can we design the home of your dreams but we will even build it to the highest standard whilst complying with all current regulations.

When you choose Next Wave Homes as your builder, you get a home you will love coming home to, and living; a home that will bring a smile knowing that it’s exactly what you dreamed of; knowing you are exactly where you should be.

We understand that the home you’re about to build is not only a huge financial commitment but an emotional investment too. That’s why we work with you at every step of the process to ensure your home comes out exactly the way you envisioned.

Custom Designed Homes

We are passionate architects and leading builders that are committed to building quality homes for our clients across Geelong. With a passion for innovative design, quality construction and a commitment to meticulous detailing, we will take care of your home build from start to finish.

Our team of designers, architects, engineers, consultants and builders will come together to bring your idea to life, no matter how small or big it is. Our registered luxury home builders in Geelong along with our architects will put in their expertise, skill and experience to make your dream home come to life.

When you choose Next Wave Homes, you benefit from our integrated, seamless and cost-effective turnkey solution. What’s more, you are assured of complete peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your design will be delivered to the highest standard.

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