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Pre Designed Homes

Our Range of Next Wave Pre-Design Homes offers innovative luxury new homes, pre-designed by our in-house design studio, combining performance and style into a well proportioned series of home designs. 

Luxury Home Builders in Melbourne

There comes a time in life when you decide “it’s time to live the way we’ve always wanted to in a home we’ve always dreamt of.” Perhaps you’ve already pictured your dream home in your head. Next Wave Homes and our team of luxury home builders in Melbourne can bring your dream home to life.

When you are building your dream home, you are looking for a builder that can understand your vision and bring it to life. When you explain your ideas to your builder and they can visualise it, you know you’ve found the perfect match.

Our luxury home builders in Melbourne believe residential design is a collaborative process. That’s why we involve you at every step of the way to build a high-quality luxury home that exceeds your expectations.

Beyond the Ordinary

Most modern homes in suburban Melbourne look the same. But when you want a home that is a cut above the rest, think no further than Next Wave Homes. There’s nothing ordinary about the homes we build.

With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of completed projects, we have designed and built luxury homes in every shape and style possible.

We’re passionate about design. That’s why we are committed to building homes that fit your lifestyle, not just to meet the latest trend. So whether you choose a pre-designed home to begin with or work with our design team to create a completely new design, you will find that a home designed by Next Wave Homes is beyond ordinary.

Your Home, Your Way

No matter your style, our luxury home builders in Melbourne will build your dream luxury home around your specifications, requirements and lifestyle. Rest assured, every little detail, every little feature will be meticulously designed to create a magnificent home, a home you would love to live in.

Although the word luxury could have a different meaning for different people, there’s no denying the fact that a luxury home is one you’re proud of, one that’s designed for you.

If you want a pool, we have the expertise to build a house with this feature. If your idea of a luxury home is having a butler kitchen, we’ll make it happen. Want a walk-in wardrobe? We’ve got you covered.

Here at Next Wave Homes, we aim to exceed your expectations. When we hand over the keys to your
custom-built luxury home, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that not only does your home
boast all the features you wished for but that it exceeds your expectations.

Homes that Blend Innovation and Quality

Every home we build is crafted with an eye for detail, quality and innovation. When you trust us to build your dream luxury home, you can be sure that it will be designed to meet the highest standards of safety, design and quality.

Contact us today to discuss the floor plan and design of your luxury home. One of our advisors
will schedule a consultation to discuss your project. He will take the time to understand your
requirements and help you understand the costs and timeline involved in bringing your vision to

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